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Keeping the Rotary wheel turning


Project planning, Rotary style
By Jackie Yow
Marrying an Aussie was one thing but leaving friends and family behind and embarking on a new life in Australia was another! One of life’s hurdles that so many of us face when we start afresh in a new town or country is making friends and feeling part of the community.
In the UK I played a big role in the community, working for a Premier division football team and later in commercial radio. Through these links I was invited by my female CEO to become a member of Rotary. As a 36 year old woman I knew very little about Rotary except that I though they were a bunch of older men working to help the community.
After my first meeting, I am glad to report, I discovered many older men working along side equal numbers of younger men and women! I was astounded by the magnitude of local projects that this club was involved with and even more staggered by the global achievements of the World Wide Rotary Organisation. I became a member.
When I arrived in Canberra one of the first things I did was look up my nearest Rotary club (Tuggeranong) and I became a member. Since then I’ve been involved in endless local and international projects – arts awards, festivals, youth camps, bike rides, schools, science forums, winery visits and hosted cultural exchange students from New Zealand, Samoa and the Cook Islands!
Tuggeranong is a small but very active club. It consists of 20 members ranging in age from 40 to over 70years. I have made many friends and now play an important part in this local community and so can you. We are looking for new members both male and female. We meet every Tuesday at the Vikings Club on Athlon Drive at 6pm for a bite to eat, a drink and to plan our next project. You are invited to join us.
If you are interested in finding out more, call me on 0437 168680 or our President, Terry Ryan on 0407 223 128. Email Tuggeranong Rotary Club rotaryadmin@rawpine.hm for further information about Rotary go to www.rotarnet.com.au

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