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Jack West
Jackson West, the third of four sons, is a young Canberra man who was born on the 1/1/1986. Jackson has an extra terminal band on the long arm of the 22nd chromosome which doesn’t really mean anything. What is meaningful for him and for us, his family, is how it manifests. He is classified as having a profound intellectual disability with autism.
Jackson is a young man with the potential for a great future. He is a thrill seeker, a music lover and a car enthusiast; he has enormous stamina and perseverance, rides pillion on a 750cc BMW motorbike and enjoys bush walking and boiling a billy. He also happens to have very high support needs; he needs one-on-one supervision and assistance all his waking hours. Without caring people with vision to support him to lead a good life, the typical future he can look forward to is one diminished in real and valuable roles and adventures.
Jackson graduated from Black Mountain School at the end of 2006 and in this new stage of his life, post-school, he has much to offer. However, we live in a society that often refuses to acknowledge the contribution he can make; a society which does not, to any large extent, value or respect people like Jackson. He is seen as ‘other’, a lesser kind of human who can contribute little and is not entitled to the support he needs for his life to be rich in people and experiences.
We, Jackson’s parents, think otherwise. We have established a courier business, JACKmail, created to employ Jackson part-time and designed around his skills and loves. JACKmail will collect mail from Post Office boxes and deliver it to businesses. It will collect any out-going mail and take it to the post office to be posted. “One-off” deliveries such as tender documents or small parcels can also be accommodated. A support worker will drive the JACKmail van and support and guide Jackson as he makes deliveries.
JACKmail will give Jackson the opportunity to:
. be employed
. contribute to his community
. meet many small business owners, operators, employees and customers
. have a busy, active and interesting life
. earn money
. be a positive example to others
. be an ambassador for other people with a disability
If you would like to engage JACKmail to pick-up and deliver your mail, phone 02 62810974 (office),
0421 455 913 (mobile) or email sally@jacksonwest.org To find out more about Jackson
visit www.jacksonwest.org

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