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I've Wheelie Bin Changed


I’ve Wheelie Bin Changed!

By Nigel Baker


Have you heard the expression out of sight out of mind? Many of us deny that this mantra influences our meticulous decision making process. It’s not until the car stops for no apparent reason that we realize how important petrol is and that we should have filled up yesterday. The same goes for those bills left on the table that we swore we would pay tomorrow and then realized that they were due last week!


Not that either of these have ever happened to me, but I must admit to other more nefarious and costly incidents that have come as a rude surprise. Instead of acting at the time, I was either too cheap, too stubborn or just too down right lazy. As a consequence, I have then had to deal with the original issue plus the resulting problems as well.


The great news is that we can change. I have since tried to become a practitioner of the old adage “prevention is better than the cure”. A great example of this is how I dealt with my old arch nemeses – the stinky unhygienic garbage bin.


We all have them sitting out the front, side or back of our houses – far enough away so that the smell doesn’t get us yet close enough so that we don’t over exert ourselves (or sacrificial children) when the hermetically sealed bundles of rubbish are thrown away.


Garbage bins truly are out of sight and mind. That is until we notice their lingering and unique pong. Well, let me tell you that by the time you notice this SMELL – germs, moulds, viruses and bacteria have made your bins a microbial squatter’s retreat (with a constant supply of food) and a wheelie bin health hazard (to you or anyone who regrettably has to use such bins).


Not to frighten you, but bacteria can multiply very rapidly in the right conditions (like those in and around your festy garbage bins). In a 24hr period a single germ can multiply 281 trillion times! That’s a lot of germs! It’s no wonder that horrors like Tuberculosis, Weils Disease, Salmonella, E Coli, Listeria and many others are found on bins. But, the fun doesn’t stop there. To your high rises of microbial infestation we need to add its many visitors – flies, spiders, ants, rats, mice, cockroaches and their by-products (faeces). Now you understand why your garbage bins stink and why it‘s a good idea to do something about it, now – like I did!


Initially, I tried to clean the bins myself and with hindsight I can’t really understand why. Not only was the job really disgusting (clumps of rotting smelly garbage and wiggling maggots everywhere) but I was wasting a lot of water and had nowhere legal or safe to dump the waste. I thought about putting the water (containing all the waste from my bins) on my thirsty plants but quickly reconsidered when it dawned on me that I would be depositing the germ teeming waste from my bin on my garden, where I relaxed). The storm water drain was an option for about a millisecond but we all know that dumping anything into the storm water drain, other than storm/rain water (thus the name), is illegal and attracts a hefty penalty. Clause 17 of the Water Quality Policy states that a person must not discharge or deposit a pollutant listed in Schedule4 of the Policy into any waters or onto land where it might enter any waters. The pollutants listed in Schedule 4 that relate to bin cleaning activities include: cleaning agents, detergents and their by products, putrescibles waste (food scraps) and other rubbish particles.


I later learned that due to the Stage 3 water restrictions in Canberra, it is now practically impossible for a home owner to clean their garbage bins themselves without breaking the law. It’s similar to washing your car, only harder to do yourself, a lot less safe and infinitely more disgusting. Besides, why would anyone actually want to do it themselves?


Alas, I was still stuck with my smelly infested unhygienic bins.


In the past nobody was willing to take responsibility for the problem and if they did they used ineffective methods (which are illegal today but some still do it) to try and clean bins. Some thrifty geniuses (like I) thought it would be easy and cost effective to clean the bins themselves, using the primitive tools and ways of their forefathers (bucket, hose, broom, dishwashing liquid & gloves). Luckily, times change, people get smarter and methods improve – for most anyway!


My saviour was Green Cleen, Canberra – The Wheelie Bin Cleaners. They arrived in a gleaming white truck with a smiling green clean wheelie bin emblem (sporting a big red nose) emblazoned over the bonnet with an impressive looking clawed machine riding on the back of the ute. Undoubtedly, the red nosed mascot was a victim of having smelt too many stinky bins and the clawed beast sitting in the ute’s tray was the specialized wheelie bin cleaning equipment and the answer to my unpleasant stinky and unhygienic garbage bins! They didn’t disappoint.


Green Cleen, Canberra’s mobile bin cleaning system left my bins free of stinking built up refuse and smelling great. They use environmentally friendly cleaning solutions that are 100% natural (& safe), Anti Viral, Anti Bacterial and Anti-Fungal and kill 99% of all common micro-organisms.


All bins serviced by Green Cleen are cleaned, sanitised, deodorised and de-bugged. The cleaner kills bacteria and works in tandem with the sanitisers to neutralise bad smells by penetrating the surface of the bin thus helping to eliminate the sources of bacterial odour.


Green Cleen carries its own water supply, which is recycled and filtered at each stage of the bin cleaning process saving thousands of litres of water a week. At the end of the day the waste water and its contents are deposited at a licensed drop off point. No pollution. No mess.


The company cleans both residential and commercial bins. Residential bins typically need cleaning every four weeks whereas commercial customers require a more regular bin cleaning regimen due to their heavier bin usage and OH&S obligations. For convenience and cleaning effectiveness Green Cleen schedules its service to coincide with garbage emptying days.


So, how are your bins? Go have a whiff and peek into the bin.


If you still foolishly clean your own bins or instruct someone else to do it (without the proper equipment or the correct procedures) you will get yourself (and business) into serious trouble. Green Cleen’s service is very affordable – they will clean your bins from as little as $5.50 per bin!


Gladly, I no longer have to hold my breath each time I visit my bins or worry about dirty pests and germs. By having bins cleaned every 4 weeks (or as needed) you’re able to maintain a high level of hygiene and lower the chances of bins becoming a source of germs, bacteria and illness.


To be quite honest, customers tell me that since signing up for Green Cleen’s wheelie bin cleaning service they don’t really think about their bins at all, because there isn’t anything nasty to remind them. It just goes to show that if you do the right things now, some things can genuinely be left out of sight and out of mind with no consequences! Now all you need to do is remember to pay on time…


Give Green Cleen, Canberra a call 1300 550 523 or visit them online: www.greencleencanberra.com.au


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