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Increase Batteries Life Span with Proper Care


These days’ mobile batteries of capacities 1500mah battery, 1000mah battery, 1600mah battery are not very vulnerable, but they do need some care and precaution. Keep the charging ends of the batteries clean from dust to ensure better life for the battery.

As we all know, every cell phone uses battery to function. Every simple or heavy functioning cell phone has a battery in it to constantly supply the required power. We can easily say that battery is nothing but a life of the mobile phone. So when using cell phone, one must give proper care to the batteries to keep their function smooth for longer time. First lets take a look at the materials that are used to manufacture cell phone batteries. Lithium Polymer is the leading type of material used to make cell phone batteries. Latest technology is deployed while making batteries so that they are perfect and light weight. Many types of tests are also performed on the battery before it is actually send to the market for sell. These types of batteries do not get exploded even if they are pierced with a pointed tip. All the components of the batteries are packed inside a plastic box or pouch so that they can remain together and all the memory defects also avoided. These are also know n for the fast charging capacity as they can get charged up to 80% in very little time.

Another material used to manufacture mobile phone batteries is Nickel Metal Hydride. These batteries are quite lighter and fit to only some of the new models of cell phones. As these are latest invention, are a bit expensive than other routine batteries. In case of memory efficiency, these batteries prove to be more efficient. They last 40 times longer than other normal batteries. Capacities available are 1500mah battery, 1000mah battery, 1600mah battery.

Nicket Metal Hydride batteries are proving very useful for people who require fast charging, within one hour, for their cell phones. The special arrangement within the battery allows the charging to be concentrated at a single pack. As compared with other batteries it is cheap too. These types of batteries are non-toxic type of batteries and do not harm the environment in any way. They are also known as eco friendly batteries.

Some points to remember while using mobile phone batteries are as follows –

1. Keep an eye on the remaining charge, never allow batteries to fully discharge, especially when the batteries are made up od LiIon.

2. Temperature can also harm batteries; permissible range is 60 degree celcius.

3. Avoid moist or soggy places to keep batteries

4. Keep away from fire, as batteries can get explode.

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