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Exclusive offer for readers of “The Word” during the month of May.

IN GOOD HANDS – Beauty, Massage & Alternate Therapies is offering all Word Readers:
– 10 Rebirthing Sessions for $1000 (normally $1188)
– One hour massage for the price of half an hour $44 (normally $66)
– Deluxe facial for the price of an express facial $44 (normally $66)
This exclusive offer is valid for the month of May 2007. Visit our website www.ingoodhands.com.au or call 62933943 or 0400564040 for information and prices on our other products and services.


Rebirthing is a powerful, safe and gentle breathing technique which reduces stress, increases energy, and brings ease and pleasure to your life and relationships.

During the session, a professionally trained Rebirther will guide your breath to increase the level of energy in your body, this energy stimulates the body’s natural ability to cleanse and purify itself of limiting thought patterns. By learning to breathe consciously and fully, you discover and release the negative issues held within your mind and emotions.


Rebirthing is a specific breathing technique that utilises the breath as a means to expel negative emotions and thought patterns (both conscious and subconscious) that are inhibiting an individual from experiencing life and love.
During the experience you are taught to inhale all that is positive; love, life and health and exhale the negative; hate, disease and death.

Rebirthing can be compared to a glass of water with a layer of dirt settled at the bottom (the dirt being our negative unconscious decisions). The breathing techniques allow clean water to be poured into the glass which stirs up all the dirt, pushing it over the top and out. By continuing to pour in clean water, the dirt is slowly filtered until the glass of water is crystal clear.

By committing to at least 10 rebirthing experiences we are giving ourselves the opportunity to omit all subconscious garbage, although there are initial benefits to a one off experience, eventually all the dirt goes back to the bottom of the glass. By making a long term commitment you will reap the specific benefits of a complete ’emotional makeover’ that will last a lifetime.

Rebirthing means change. While rebirthing you may remember things about your birth. During your sessions you may learn how decisions made at birth and early in your childhood have affected your life and relationships. You will receive tremendous value from discovering how current issues originated from these early decisions.


A Rebirther is a professionally trained facilitator who guides your breath in a way that enables the process to occur. They will guide you through and support you during the variety of thoughts, feelings and body sensations you may experience during the session. Your Rebirther may also offer suggestions and or affirmations to focus on until your next appointment.

For most individuals a relatively short term commitment to the Rebirthing process brings long term and life changing results.

In Good Hands Rebirthing Practitioner, Rebecca Collison, completed her formal rebirthing training with Sondra Ray in Australia and India. Sondra is one of the pioneers of this therapy and has been Rebirthing since the early 1970’s. Sondra is an international author of more than a dozen books, with over 1 million sold throughout the world. You can visit her website www.sondraray.com

Rebecca holds a Diploma in Beauty Therapy and a Diploma in Remedial Massage. In Good Hands offers private health care rebates for therapies (where applicable).

Our flexible hours ensure you can experience your choice in treatments at a time that suits you. This may be either before of after “normal business hours” and even on the weekends.

For more information or to book an appointment:
Phone 62933943 or 0400564040

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