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Gungahlin's Weather is now guaranteed!


Gungahlin''s unofficial Weather Guru - Darren Giles
The WORD on the Weather .
by Darren Giles
Gungahlin Weather Centre

Gungahlin’s weather is now guaranteed!

The Gungahlin Weather Centre has been providing Gungahlin residents with a unique local weather service since it began operating from Ngunnawal, back in January 1998.

Over the years, the Weather Centre has grown to keep pace with the ever increasing population of Gungahlin (now nudging the 30,000 mark), and now provides live weather updates every 5 minutes via the Gungahlin Weather Centre web site (www.gungahlinweather.com).

The Weather Centre web site, which records all major weather elements including; temperature, rainfall, humidity, barometric pressure, wind speed and so on, also provides locals with a unique daily weather forecast, specifically for Gungahlin.

Gungahlin Weather Centre operator, Darren Giles, started the centre out of frustration of the lack of weather information available for Gunaghlin residents in the Canberra press.

The web site is visited by thousands of locals and visitors each month, and now there’s another good reason to log on and check it out – the Gungahlin weather comes with a guarantee!

Each day, the forecast temperature range for Gungahlin is posted on the web site. There’s a monthly prize on offer if the weather guarantee is broken. This occurs if the actual recorded minimum and maximum temperatures (when combined) differ from the forecast by more than 5.0°c on that day.

The monthly competition is open to everyone (not just Gungahlin residents). To join in the fun, register for the Gungahlin ‘Weather Guarantee’ today. Simply click on the ‘weather guarantee’ logo on the home page.

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