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Disability ACT and the Citizens Advice Bureau are currently undertaking a joint initiative in developing a new online ACT Disability Services Directory.
The new directory will be a fully searchable database, which will provide easily accessible information to people with a disability, their family, carers and support agencies, with regard to disability services in Canberra and its surrounding region.
Disability ACT and the Citizens Advice Bureau would like to invite local businesses to be a part of this valuable web-based resource. The businesses we seek are those who “go that extra mile” by providing for people with a disability, for example wheelchair accessible cafes, restaurants, hairdressers and health providers.
The listing of accessible businesses will be free of charge and will assist people with a disability and their carers in finding ‘disability friendly’ businesses in our local area. We can be contacted for information on this new venture at the Citizens Advice Bureau. Contact: Kaye Dudderidge on 6257 1687 or
email: kaye@citizensadvice.org.au

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