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Former Head Coach With WNYGVIHF Team Hired By NESHDA


Welcome Jim McCarthy

The growth of NewEdge Hockey Development Academy over the last 5 years has been incredible. A huge reason for such substantial growth has been our exceptionally high standard when hiring senior instructors. NewEdge Hockey Development Academy is proud to announce the addition of Jim McCarthy to our Senior Lead / Professional Training Staff.

Jim “Mac” McCarthy is a Buffalo native who not only played at a very high (NCAA) level but has been a dedicated coach and skills trainer for 25+ years. Jim is exceptionally knowledgeable, hard working, and shares the NewEdge Pro Staff philosophy of always improving and getting better as a trainer.

McCarthy is a former head coach in the Western New York Girls Varsity Ice Hockey Federation (WNYGVIHF). 


Jim will be playing a key role in player development at our Elite College Prep Program this coming spring.

Playing the game, coaching the game, and training the game are 3 completely different animals. Professional, Senior Lead Instructors with NewEdge Hockey Development Academy are dedicated teaching professionals.

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