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By Diana Coxhead
Spring is a much welcomed season in Canberra after the chill of winter, bleak days, layers of clothing and lurgies. Wendy, mother of two is shaking off the shackles of winter, embracing the warm weather and heading out to Floriade with the kids.

Before she is out the door, enjoying the beautiful spring weather, she remembers it’s collection day tomorrow, so she trundles the garbage and recycling bins out to the footpath. Not long after, her phone beeps to say she has a text message. It’s the Erindale library. The book she has been waiting for has arrived. Wendy makes a mental note to swing by the library to pick up the book on her way out.

As she nips out the back to hang out the washing, she notices the grass is being mowed in the public space near her house. “Wonderful she thinks, this will deter snakes and make the area look great.” As she steps out the door, kids in tow, the phone rings and it is the coordinator at Tuggeranong Lakeside Leisure Centre letting her know her dates for swimming lessons are available. “My day just keeps on getting better,” she thinks before finally bundling the kids into the car. Wendy also remembers the pile of used items in the boot of her car and decides to make a trip to the Recycling Centre along the way.

Did you know, before Wendy has even left her home, she has come into contact with the Department of Territory and Municipal Services (TAMS) several times.

Established in July 2006 TAMS merged with previous departments such as Urban Services, Tourism, Environment ACT, Sport and Recreation, ACTION, Canberra Stadium and parts of the Office of Sustainability to serve residents under a single department.

With a population of over 300,000 Canberra is a city with wide-ranging services and facilities from Tidbinbilla Nature Park to a comprehensive network of bike paths, public pools and plenty of open spaces for people to enjoy. It is these services which TAMS manages. Along with overseeing Yarralumla Nursery and Capital Linen, TAMS’ people also cleans and maintains 88 shopping centres, 67 toilets and 119 barbeques in public parkland.

Meanwhile, as Wendy is heading down the Monaro Highway she slows down as there is a dead kangaroo on the road. She makes a mental note to call Canberra Connect to have it removed.

TAMS’ staff can be found throughout Canberra, mowing grass all year round, hosting Floriade, maintaining footpaths, roads, traffic and street lights, playgrounds, sports grounds, as well serving the city through ACTION, recycling and waste collections and Domestic Animal Services.

During her day, Wendy came into contact with TAMS at least 10 times. To find out more about TAMS call Canberra Connect on 13 22 81 or visit www.tams.act.gov.au. By the way, Wendy managed to get her book from the library, enjoy Floriade, get to the Recycling Centre and call about the dead ‘roo.

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