Notorious ANU School of Art graduates, the Contextual Villains are in deep collaboration with Lake George and Canberran artists.

Focused on the story of one woman during one night, Aperture zooms into intimate detail and reveals contexts as vast as the Lake George landscape. The Villains use state-of-the-art wireless media alongside vintage machinery such as slide projectors to capture the full complexity of human experience.

Rachel Peachey and Paul Mosig have been practicing together for over four years as The Contextual Villains, often working in the context of particular landscapes and using a variety of mediums to explore human – environment relationships. Many of their projects take them out of the studio and into the field for days and weeks at a time, where the story of ‘place’ can unfold organically, uncomplicated by the distractions and conceptual boundaries of everyday life. They are interested in natural cycles of growth and decay and have a particular passion for landscapes that have a strong visual sense of human impact histories that have been left for nature to reclaim. Aperture is focussed the experience unique to this part of the world

“In the gloaming hours of Lake George we often felt strangely sheltered and cocooned in the vast openness. We found the space altered and pronounced time. Being out in the centre of the lake and visually distanced from the road – image and sound become separated altering perspectives of reality.”

From the vulnerability of humans subjected to highway speeds to the sublime stillness and numinous core of being, Aperture employs digital and live music, a radical lighting score and the interaction of performers and technical crew in a searing and uplifting portrayal of human life.

Aperture is on @ The Street Theatre from June 19 to 23rd
Bookings on 02 6247 1223

[Readers can score a hot ticket deal with the password GHOST and bring a friend for half-price]

Media Enquiries: Jan Wawrzynczak 0432 68 99 60 Jennifer Procter 0416 508 062 machineryjoints@yahoo.com.au

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