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Capital Angels invites you to the next meeting at 5:45pm Wednesday 13 June at The Boat House.

Formed in 2005, the Capital Angels is a corporation that provides a forum for accredited investors to meet to proactively support Capital Region entrepreneurs through both investment and direct activities supporting the companies. Capital Angels provides a forum and structure for regular and formal meetings with potential companies and entrepreneurs, facilitating information exchange. The members of Capital Angels make individual investment decisions based on their own individual assessment of the opportunity presented. By the very nature of these investments, they are high risk at best. As an organisation, Capital Angels cannot make and does not make representations as to the suitability of any potential investment nor does Capital Angels as an organisation make investments or investment decisions. For a much better understanding of the Canberra Angel Network, please visit our very extensive web site at www.capitalangels.com.au

The Capital Angels typically meets for dinner every two months from 5:45pm until approximately 10:00 PM to provide an environment for companies to present in front of potential investors. In these dinner meetings, those members who are interested in the Company, would subsequently engage the presenter and work out an investment. The objective of the Scrub Team is to do an in-depth analysis of the Company, the market, the technology and the investment potential. Reports are prepared and, if appropriate, a term sheet is developed. Every two months, Capital Angels has a dinner meeting at the Boat House. At these meetings, there is typically an educational speaker. In addition, two Companies will present that have been through the Scrub process, have a term sheet and at least a couple members willing to invest make their pitch for members to invest.

The cost of the meeting will be $66 or $70 if paying by credit card which includes dinner and drinks.

For further information regarding Capital Angels, go to www.capitalangels.com.au which also provides an outline of how Capital Angels operate.

When: 5:45pm Wednesday 13 June 2007
Where: The Boat House – Grevillea Pk, Menindee Drive
RSVP: 12 June 2007 to dmalloch@capitalangels.com.au

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