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Business is blooming for local family business

Vicki Berry from Easycare Landscapes

What started as a hobby has become a thriving family business for local landscaper, Vicki Berry.

Vicki had no idea when she started Easycare Landscapes that nine years later her business would be winning awards such as the Australian Horticulturist of the Year, ACT Horticulturist of the Year and the Family Business Australia’s First Generation Best Family Business of the Year (NSW & ACT).

“I decided to start the business when I was talking to a friend about how unhappy I was in my job and she asked what I love doing. I ‘raved’ about plants and the environment and how relaxed and happy I was when I was working outdoors. Just talking about it made me feel happy and excited and she could see that and suggested I do it. We talked about options and the one that really excited me was starting my own business”, said Vicki.

She added, “We started as a small, part-time garden maintenance business with me as the sole trader. The business grew quickly and within six months I was designing full-time as well as constructing landscapes with two employees. After two years of continued growth and constant interruption to family life, I moved the business from home to a designated office space”.

The business now employs eleven full time and five part-time staff including daughter, Lisa, who assists with admin on weekends and during school holidays. According to Vicki, husband, Gregg is also involved in the family business and helps maintain tools, assists with transport and even cooks at staff barbeques.

“The Easycare vision is to have a sustainable and productive business that protects and improves the environment, financially supports the family and the ‘Easycare family’ and has happy staff and clients”, said Vicki.

“Contributing to the community is also something we feel strongly about and this year we are proud to support the Family Business Australia (FBA) Family Expo at the National Zoo & Aquarium on Sunday the 9th November”.

“It’s a great outing for Canberra’s families and showcases some of the region’s innovative products, services and gastronomic delights”.

For more information about Easycare Landscapes visit www.easycare.com.au or the FBA Family Expo visit www.fbafamilyexpo.com.au.

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