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BizNetClub Seminar: Valuation of early stage companies


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The second in the Canberra BizNetClub seminar series takes place on Tuesday 15th May 2007 @ Epicorp Centre, 401 Clunies Ross Street, ACTON, Canberra, ACT from 9.00 am – 12 noon.

“Valuation of early stage companies” is an interactive workshop session designed to help entrepreneurs and investors consider different valuation techniques.

One of the most significant challenges entrepreneurs face is in working out what their company is worth. Discounted Cash Flow, Enterprise Value, Comparables – all these techniques can help guide discussions with investors and stakeholders. However, the issue of valuation can be sometimes more of an art than a science; a tool to aid negotiations rather than a definitive answer.

This workshop focusses on the challenge of early stage company valuations. It uses a case study of a technology company seeking investment to work through the techniques to determine the value of the business. From due diligence issues through to the share of the company to offer investors, the workshop will prepare entrepreneurs for their next investment round, providing defensible valuation benchmarks.

Facilitated by the very capable Hamish Hawthorn from ATP-Innovations this session is a must attend for Canberra based entrepreneurs.

The cost is $25 per person (Inclusive of GST). For more information or to register for this event contact Cindy Reese at cindy.reese@epicorp.com.au or 02 6229 1707

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