American – Israeli Man offering $3,000,000 for his release from Villawood


    What’s next?

    Chris Bowen Labor’s Anti- Jews Mess policy continue as he refused the offer of $3,000,000 bond from our family to release our father from Villawood Detention pending the out come of Federal Court appeal Appeal and request to the Minister for Immigration and Citizenship to intervene under section 351 and or section 417 of the Migration act 1958 regarding my father Moshe Yair Mordechai in Villawood Detention Centre after been in Australia since 1981 , the appeal signed by 27,818 Australian Jews Citizens and 2416 Australian aboriginal national , 73 full time staff members employed by our companies and there families outlining

    The “ UNIQUE AND EXCEPTIONAL CIRCUMSTANCES “ of my father case , supported by an offer of $3,000,000.00 security bond

    What Chris Bowen done about it ?

    He refused the offer, So what is the benefit of Australia to keep ill man in detention while his application still pending against the Minister at the Federal Court , or is Australia turning into Australia PTY LIMITED so release from detention is negotiable on how much can we pay.

    With all the languages of the world

    Join us and Say No to Labor

    להגיד “לא” לחלק עבודה, 要說”不”, Dire « non » à une, Λένε “όχι” σε ένα, いいえ」と言う、”Nein” zu sagen eine , 말 “아니오”를, Mondani, hogy “nem” , Berkata “tidak” untuk , “Hayır” demek bir , Сказать «нет» , พูดว่า “ไม่ใช่” เพื่อการ ,Decir “no” a una , Nói “không” cho một , نقول لا لحزب العمال

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