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ACT mobile payment company FINALIST in Mobile Marketing and Advertising Awards

mHITs - pay by SMS!

mHITs FINALIST in Mobile Marketing and Advertising Awards 2008

mHITs (pronounced Em-HITS) is a finalist in two categories of the Australian Mobile Marketing & Advertising Awards 2008. The two categories are m-commerce and B2B or Enterprise Category.

“This is the 4th consecutive year that mHITs has been nominated as a finalist in the MMA Awards” said managing director Mr Harold Dimpel. ““mHITs fills a much-needed gap in the marketplace for making small payments including retail point of sale payments and uses simple SMS technology to do so.  The mHITs payment service offers businesses (merchants) a single account where payments can be collected by mobile, internet and Point Of Sale transactions" he continues.

The winner of the category will be announced at the awards ceremony to be held in Sydney on 19 September 2008.

The MMA Award for m-commerce recognises an application, business solution, event or campaign where mobile phones have been utilised as an integral component of a financial transaction. The m-commerce category recognises:

• Purchasing of goods and services
• Banking and financial institution applications, services and transactions
• Ticketing
• Sales redemption coupons
• Bar codes
• Payment for mobile content
• Purchase order that directly converted to a confirmed sale
• And any other m-commerce financial transaction

The MMA Award for B2B or Enterprise Application is to recognise a business or B2B event or campaign where mobile or wireless was used for SOHO, SME or corporate communications. This may include business critical applications, internal communications, service or supply -chain information, informative messages and trade/external channel promotions.

about the MMA Awards
Now in year six, the ADMA MMA Awards is run by the Australian Direct Marketing Association and sits with ADMA’s Mobile Marketing Council. ADMA has actively promoted responsible use of mobile marketing with the launch of the Mobile Marketing Code of Conduct in 2003. Visit www.mmaawards.com for more details of the awards.

what is mHITs?
mHITs is the next step in the evolution of making payments.

mHITs is a person-to-person (p2p) payment system which uses a mobile phone as the transaction device. Users send and receive money via SMS text message and can make payments instantly between any Australian mobile phone. Users can also make purchases from mHITs merchants such as mobile content, MP3 and other electronic downloads, make purchases for goods and services from Internet websites. Other applications include parking, taxi fare payment, charity donations and cash back offers.

Visit www.mhits.com.au. All new users currently receive an immediate $5 cash sign-on bonus.

how it works?
mHITs works by users sending SMS text messages to interact with the mHITs server. Payments can be made to other mHITs users, and can also be made to unregistered users. More money can be added from any bank account, or money can be moved out of the system back into a bank account.

mHITs users can pay each other, purchase goods and services from mHITs merchants, and make BPAY payments

what does mHITs stand for?
mHITs stands for mobile Handset Initiated Transactions and was first launched in 2004 as a platform for delivering pre-paid mobile re-charge vouchers via SMS. The service was re-launched in May 2006 as a person-to-person payment system. A merchant facility allows business to accept payments from mHITs users.

contact details
For more details, visit www.mhits.com.au or contact Harold Dimpel on 0410 622 272 or via email at harold@mhits.com.au.

mHITs Limited
ABN 82 107 753 613
Canberra Technology Park
49 Phillip Avenue, Watson ACT 2602 Australia T: 02 6223 2023
F: 02 6242 5090
E: info@mhits.com.au
W: www.mhits.com.au


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